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Solar Install San Diego

The Problem

Rising electrical prices in San Diego are more than just a trivial concern; It’s a pressing issue affecting the daily lives of our citizens. Over the past 14 years prices have steadily increased consistently outpacing inflation putting a strain on all household’s budgets. In fact the average price increase in San Diego for the last 14 years has been 18%.

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The Solution

In the face of escalating electricity prices in San Diego, residential solar, particularly through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), emerges as a beacon of hope and a viable solution for homeowners. PPAs offer a practical and cost-effective way to harness the abundant sunshine in San Diego and reduce reliance on traditional utility companies, thereby mitigating the financial burden of rising electrical prices.

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Why Solar?

Embrace the Future of Power!

We believe in harnessing the endless energy of the sun to power your life. Discover the compelling reasons to make the switch to solar and join us in creating a brighter, sustainable future.

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