Rising electrical prices in San Diego are more than just a trivial concern; It’s a pressing issue affecting the daily lives of our citizens. Over the past 14 years prices have steadily increased consistently outpacing inflation putting a strain on all household’s budgets. In fact the average price increase in San Diego for the last 14 years has been 18%. 

Many reasons contribute to the soaring prices. One for instance our outdated infrastructure. San Diego’s electrical grid, like many across the country, is aging and in need of modernizing to keep up with the demands put on it. Upgrades and maintenance come with a hefty price and San Diego residents are paying for it. 

Another major contributing factor to the skyrocketing of electrical prices is the increase in demand for it. Every day as a society we become more and more reliant on electricity. From our ever-increasing collection of gadgets that need charging to EV cars to home appliances becoming all electric. This heightened demand puts pressure on our existing infrastructure and our current electricity production methods. 

Additionally, San Diego depends almost exclusively on imported energy which only exacerbates rising prices. Our limited local energy production makes our reliance on imported power susceptible to external factors like fuel prices and regulatory policies. All this can impact prices and further drive up the price for electricity. 

As you know, the consequences of rising electrical prices span beyond financial strain. For many residents, especially those on fixed incomes or limited means higher utility bills mean having to compromise in other expenses like food and healthcare. 

In conclusion, the problem of rising electrical prices in San Diego is multifaceted and requires careful attention. However, as a homeowner, you have the option to take control of your own power and protect your family and home from the skyrocketing prices.